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“Two years ago, I deleted all my social media, my entire public persona and digital footprint, except for LinkedIn. I changed my name and joined a band. Not a band in the traditional sense, but an eclectic and extraordinary band of musicians, clinicians and movie magicians. There were screenwriters, songwriters, code writers, copywriters and, of course, underwriters. What do I write? Well, I write the checks,” Forbes jokes on stage to big laughs from the crowd at the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in South Beach, Florida.

It was magical, that moment. March 4th, 2024.

My little brother stepped on stage to address the short list of invited guests and power brokers at at the largest meeting of capitalists in the world. I watched from the auditorium’s wings, attempting to blend in. My brother’s turn was now. And I knew exactly the words Forbes was to say as he spoke them, “We set upon a mission to infiltrate the world's largest gathering of capitalists with three intentions…

  1. Inspire a values shift amongst the world's wealthiest families away from success and financial wealth toward social wealth and emotional health.

  2. Make social media more social. Our culture-jamming opus is a moving marriage of music, magic, and moving pictures that gets families singing together (both literally, and figuratively)

And 3) Free art, and the creators who make it. We show the way for artists, entrepreneurs, and families to free the art within them, and cocreate novel business models for an AI age that meet our universal shared needs for social, emotional, physical, and fiscal well-being.”

He stopped pacing and looked directly into the heart of the crowd, “We all know that this is not the world’s largest gathering of capitalists, but it is one of them. And that's what I'm here to speak with you today, about the future. The future of your world, and ours.”

Forbes stopped for a second and took the moment in, as I’d suggested. I’d always admired how he takes direction so gracefully from others.

I’d dominated our father’s attention from the time I first met him. I was three, Forbes was two. My father called me ‘domineering’ and as I grew older, others simply called me a narcissist. My father saw a lot of himself in me. So, the narcissist in him, played favorites. And the sadist in him, then turned Forbes and I into bitter rivals.

Nash was quiet, thoughtful, sometimes overlooked. Now, at the age of 48, he finally had his chance in the spotlight. He was stepping onto his own rising star. After all, Songa! is the choose-your-own reality show where the rising star is you, not me. It was everything I ever dreamed of: working alongside those closest to me to realize their farthest reaching dreams. Lewis and Dr. Lucas, May Dove, Erin and Emerson. We brought each others dreams into our lives, and committed to make a massively shared dream real.

Here we are, five years and a bazillion dollars later, our dream come true, and it was like everything we could have hoped for, and like nothing we could have ever dreamed.

Forbes was on that stage, reaching the point of Emergence. The tipping point where Emergent Fiction becomes Fact, where False tips to True, a truth that’s stranger than fiction.

I catch my mind wandering, my attention snaps back to my brother‘s message. We’ve written these lines together. I could recite them as well as he, but he had to be the messenger. It was his time.

He continues.

“la destination de la manifestation…

… Coined in 1845, Manifest Destiny was the idea that the United States is destined by God to expand its dominion and spread democracy and capitalism across the entire American continent, and ultimately, the world.

It hasn’t gone well.